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Surviving and Thriving through Trauma

This week’s EMDR work has begun with sessions about trauma from abuse.  In one case, a client was verbally abused from an older brother who was a bully.  She realized how significant that relationship was to her inner negative self-talk.  She left feeling very tired from the session, as is often the case.  This is evidence of how hard her brain and emotions worked in that hour.  I’m eager to hear how her self-talk has changed toward positive statements.

Your Financial Self Definition

Felt drawn to a new book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by Eker. I have found his information very powerful in my own recent exploration of how I see myself as money maker, what my negative self-talk is and where it comes from. When I did the first exercise he has you do, I also employed the headset drumbeat as I know how much that helps retrieve the “original program” in my selfhood. And because I know how to position the processing, I also can see  how much I have already healed.  The processing has moved some very significant old distorted beliefs about myself and my place in the world as a money maker in to right thinking and knowing.   EMDR has so many applications. No one needs to be trapped in limitation from the past. We really do have a tool (EMDR) that moves your awareness at the speed of light.